5th of October every Year, is Go Pink Day to raise awareness on Breast Cancer!

Even the White House goes pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness in October *!

We want to ask for your support to raise awareness and provide care for women in Africa with Breast Cancer through our foundation Breast Without Spot.

Nothing is too small or great when it comes to giving to those in need.

You can gain more traction with banners outside your offices or Home, saying ; GOING PINK WITH BWS, TO CRUSH BREAST CANCER and use #crushbreastcancerwithbws on Instagram so we can share your support and kindness with others!
This is one of the ways we hope to spread our message of Early Detection Of Breast Cancer to all women , to go viral all over the world!

This year, the THEME is: *Early Detection Saves Lives*

Take a selfie and pics with friends & colleagues and post with #crushbreastcancerwithbws

If you are interested in participating in our movement please send a donation by purchasing slay credits via PayPal or bank transfer at the donate link below. Once done send an email to sales@slaynetwork.co.uk to confirm you’ve paid and the purpose of payment.


Thank you our fellow Slay Warriors.

SIGNED: Pinky Prof

The more you give back the more delirious you get about life

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