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Questions to consider

Would it not be great to be financially

To never have to worry about

What would it take to get there? In fact,
what exactly is financial freedom?

How much money does it take to attain
financial freedom ($1m, $2m,

Financial Freedom consists of:

Being debt free

Being in control of your expenses

Consistently increasing your
savings/assets/net worth on a
monthly basis

Not being forced to work at a job
you dislike just to pay the bills

But how do you achieve this from Nothing?
1. Almost Everyone, Everything Starts From Nothing

Even the World started from nothing

Rich people, poor people, successful people, non

successful people, top achievers, non achievers all these people start from a place where they had nothing.

Family backgrounds are not determinants of success

there are as many successful people in this world
from poor families as there are from rich families.

Whether you are Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan,
there was a point in your past when you
knew absolutely nothing about your craft and you had to learn from scratch.

2. You Have Something (Rethink the whole notion that you have nothing)

There is always something . The pessimist sees the glass as half empty; the optimist sees the glass as half full.

If you do not see what you have today as
something, it is because you take what you have for granted.

3. Focus on What You Want, not What
You Have Now

If we always base our decisions on what we have or don’t have in this moment, we are never going to get far.

If we limit ourselves to our history and background, we become a function of our past, we become a shadow of our past. We maintain and reinforce the status quo.

Your current state is not a determinant of who you can be or what you can have.

Remember, you have unlimited power in you. Focus on WHAT not HOW.

Most of you prefer to settle for paid jobs
You settle for AVERAGE?

Is it fear?

Afraid of failure

Afraid of being laughed at?

Afraid of what friends and relations will say? etc

Human energy is like the energy of light.
When it is dissipated, as in the average light bulb, it gets work done in an average way. But when that same energy is focused and concentrated in a single direction, as with a
laser beam, it has the power to cut through any kind of obstacle.

The only way to true financial freedom is to be your own boss. Anyone with a vision can do this.

Without a vision you will always be at
the mercy of other people who do have a

Far too many people simply let life
happen to them, only seeing what’s set
before them. This is called a life of reaction.
A life of reaction is a life of survival.

We all have dreams. But in order to make
dreams come into reality, it takes an awful
lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”

Jesse Owens

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