Boss Babe

I check my emails. I call my shipping girl, to make sure she’s on point. I pet my dog. I make a smoothie. I close my eyes. Breathe. I think boss shit like “What’s my goal for today? Tomorrow? All week?” Then I begin my day. All personal feelings get stored in a tiny box.

I have starved and I will never go back. Chanel, red wine, endless money and red bottoms forever!

Everyone tells me there’s “enough time”.  All I see is I’m young and I want it now. There’s no time. If you keep being comfortable and hiding behind your youth, you will age waiting. I want to be young and successful. You will always be younger than the elders in the game you’re in. Don’t let that be your comfort. Get it done.

Cut the bullshit and get it done. Shyness never took anyone anywhere. Be scared and stay mediocre.Be fearless. Keep opening doors. Create success and live a dream that becomes a reality with every step you take. Be outspoken. Be confident. It’s all inside of you. It’s a mentality. Believe you are a boss and you will own what’s in front of you.

I go on Youtube and search for motivational videos. I look at successful people’s traits. I watch TEDTalk videos on life experiences and ask successful people around me questions. I believe that the four people you hang out with the most is who you will become. Be selfish with your years.Cut loose losers. Only walk with ambitious positive move makers. If you walk with mediocre individuals that complain and believe nothing is possible then you will become like them. You can do it all!

Signed Boss Babe

This art piece encapsulates all of the above.

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Boss Babe

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