You left your body in a sea of people
And that’s just how we’ll leave it.

You met somebody in a sea of people
And that’s what you believe in

You laughing like its a Wednesday night
You ran across the interstate
You drank a bottle of vinegar
And then you stayed up really late.

Bring us down, break it down in the hot hot dessert

This is where you wanna be

And you are what you are
A natural disaster

Pick us up at three, send us off to sea

And maybe we’ll come back for you

See you lost your clothes
Your skinny dipping
And you can’t understand what your after

Swim swim swim in your swimming pool
Like swimmers do, we’ll call on you

This embellished look (02-08) by Slay my beachwear has gat us singing all kinds of blue skies tunes!

Click here to get it.

For the full look she’s also wearing silver bridge by slay my shades

It's kinda a sexy blue night

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