Kim Kardashian-West made headlines with her platinum hair at New York Fashion Week, and has now even converted her mother Kris Jenner to the bleached-blonde look (see below). And, for someone renowned for their glossy, ebony hair, the transition has been remarkably seamless – not a dark root in sight. But for those without Kim’s hairstylist on speed-dial, how can you go platinum in style? Luckily for you, we do have Kim’s hairstylist on speed-dial, so, we asked him.

“So many people ask me whether platinum blonde is going to suit them. After all, it is a big statement,” said Chris Appleton, who not only masterminded Kim’s transition to blonde but also Jennifer Lopez’s bob and Adele’s Grammys hair, alongside his role as Color Wow global creative director. “You could try the look out with a wig first. This is not only one of the biggest transformations your hair will undergo, it’s also one of the most compromising. Do not try this at home.”
The process begins, says Appleton, around a month before, when you should start prepping the hair with a conditioning mask, getting the ends trimmed and cutting back on heat styling.

“With Kim, we actually took more than a week to do the colour. First we lightened it in sections and then treated the hair for a couple of days with Olaplex before going back and dyeing more,” he explained. “Bleached blonde hair can look dull and dry, and for Kim I really wanted to maintain that shine and the gloss that she’s so known for. When you lighten the hair this much, you really need to invest in the right products to keep the hair from looking dry and frizzy. The wet look on platinum hair is so good because it looks really soft. I love Color Wow Dream Coat, sprayed all over the hair.”

And whilst Kim’s ice-blonde look might work for her, remember that the precise shade of blonde used makes all the difference to the end result.
“Tone really is so important. You need to get the right one to complement your skin tone and eye colour,” he told us. “Women with cool skin tones tend to look better in golden platinum colours than women with warm skin tones, who suit wheat and neutral blonde shades more. And take a picture to the salon with the exact colour you want – your idea of platinum may differ from your stylist’s!”

Wise words indeed!

If you can’t be bothered to go through this drama or you don’t want to lay the fate of your hot blonde look in the hands of someone or a salon you can’t trust the solution is to get a Slay luxury wig.

You can have either the long Kim Kardashian’s look or The short Chic Kris Jenner look or if you are as greedy as we are -both!

Pick your style of crown according to your budget. Choose from the different realistic materials which creates the illusion of each individual hair strand growing right from your very own scalp, thanks to world leading wig technology and craftsmanship, patented by slay my hair. Part your hair to any position with ultimate confidence in this luxury women’s wig’s ability to remain unnoticed and simply display sublime style.

Each wig is delivered with a complimentary 3D mink lash, wig cap, tape and special hair brush.

Measurement Guide:

1. Measure around your head circumference with a tape measure around your hairline
2. Measure front to nape
3. Measure from side burn to side burn across forehead
4. Measure from ear to ear over top of head
5. Measure from temple to temple around the back of the head
6. Measure the nape of your neck

Base Cap Descriptions

Swiss Lace

Soft Lace hard to detect. Stretchable, breathable and very comfortable. Also used as Theatrical Lace for stage. Can be worn with total hair loss or a head full of hair. (Not recommended for Chemotherapy Patients during treatments).

French Lace

Slightly thicker than Swiss Lace and quite strong. Stretchable, lightweight and very durable. Can be worn with total hair loss or a head full of hair. (Not recommended for Chemotherapy Patients during treatments).

Super fine Swiss lace

Slightly thinner than French Lace and quite fragile. Stretchable, lightweight and not recommended for everyday use or new wearers. Can be worn with total hair loss (or a head full of hair Not recommended for Chemotherapy Patients).

Thin skin

Undetectable, durable and made of Polyurethane. Thicker than Silicone. Hairs are individually implanted through the fine Polyurethane base one at a time. Can be warn with total hair loss or head full of hair. Not recommended for extended wear and heavy sweaters (excessive perspiration). You can wear the Thin Skin unit for up to 2 weeks before removing and reapplying.

Dream full lace wig

Less detectable than Swiss and French Lace. Stretchable, extremely lightweight and very undetectable. Can be warn with total hair loss or head full of hair.Special secure quad knots are used. You can wear the Dream Lace unit for up to 6 weeks before removing and reapplying.


Created with the most extraordinary undetectable biodegradable material, the Matrix foundations will disappear next to most complexions. Less detectable than Thin Skin, Dream, Swiss and French Lace. Can be worn with total hair loss, thinning hair or head full of hair.Clients with or without hair can wear the MATRIX Wig. Special secure quad knots are used. You can wear the Matrix unit for up to 6 weeks before removing and reapplying. Ultimate flexibility, can be parted all over and worn in high ponytail.


Invisible System. Very thin, soft & light great for total hair loss. Softer, stretchable and more undetectable than Thin Skin. Undetectable, all skin base. Thinner, more breathable and undetectable than thin skin. Can be worn with total hair loss or head full of hair. Ultimate flexibility, can be parted all over and worn in high ponytail.You can wear the Silicone unit for up to 3 weeks before removing and reapplying. Must use Root Fuel Cleaner when wearing more than 1 week.

Transdermal Membrane Graft
Vacuum Prosthesis T.M.G

A Transdermal Membrane Graft works similarly to a vacuum prosthesis except it has a much thinner polymer that attaches to the scalp. The polymer is almost as thin as a contact lens and makes it difficult to tell the difference between the polymer and the actual scalp. The hair is also hand injected into the base, creating a realistic look that is hard to differentiate between real hair and the TMG.

Price list:

Theatrical Lace front wig: $5936
Glueless lace front wig:$5936
French lace front wig: $5936
Swiss lace front wig: $5936
Super fine Swiss lace front wig: $6360
Thin skin wig: $6572
Theatrical full lace wig: $8056
Glueless full lace wig:$8056
French full lace wig: $8056
Swiss full lace wig: $8056
Super fine Swiss full lace wig: $8692
Dream lace front wig: $10,176
Dream full lace wig: $11,915
Silk injected kosher wig: $14,840
TMG vacuum medical WIG: $18,020
Matrix wig: $22,260
Silicone wig: $23,352

To place an order for this wig style contact concierge at
Skype: slaynetwork

Add on: include a pair of 1 year sea green/ honey contact lens to complete your look – $400

Please include a copy of this picture, your wig base design choice and measurements.

If you are in a hurry for your wig and want a ready made Slay luxury wig made on a silk injected base click here

Source British Vogue

I'm such a blonde, it just doesn't make sense for me to have dark hair

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life- why do it when you can just get a slay luxury wig

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