If there’s one room that deserves to be luxurious it’s the bathroom.

There is nothing more sophisticated and classy than an all black bathroom. There’s something that screams wealth when you step into such a bathroom.

This incredible look was created by our favorite design group the Panday group.

The Panday Group specialize in providing a source of luxury to build, design and create a unique lifestyle. The exclusive Interior Design Collection, Construction Management Services and 3-D Interior Design Team act to complement each other for a meticulous planning process to bring your dream to reality.
Versace Home, Roberto Cavalli Home, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior & Porsche Design are but a few brands offered through their online exclusive collection. The brands philosophy is to provide clients a standard of luxury while keeping in mind the process of building  with design of functionality. 

Click here to discover the world of the Panday group

Contact : info@pandaygroup.com

Untainted lushness

Our kind of scene

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