We are cool with people coming to Africa to sell and promote their products but when you come to the continent to sell stuff that is harmful to us – then we have a problem.
The world at large have taken to social media to express disgust at the notion of Blac Chyna is visiting to promote a skin-bleaching product to Nigeria – a country already battling such a problem. Then she has the audacity to say she is excited to come to Nigeria and we say: “Please be excited somewhere else!”

According to the World Health Organisation, about 77% of Nigerian women use skin-lightening products –  the highest in the world. Skin bleaching can lead skin diseases such as skin cancer and liver or kidney damages.
Does she know that skin-bleaching products take that a step further, exploiting racism and colorism to turn a profit. That’s just being evil, plain evil.
Worse still a jar costs U.S.$250 – are you kidding me!!! Whilst these celebs are making huge profits from the bleaching creams they fail to inform us of the side effects.
According to TMZ, Chyna has been using Whitenicious’ dark spot corrector for years, and that she “felt this was a good deal for her because a lot of women of color suffer from skin issues”. We don’t really care if she herself has used the cream – that was her choice. But saying the cream also preserves the complexion and lighten without bleaching skin out – I call bullshit – ’cause creams like this is likely to leave you with a damaged skin.

Dermatologists have so many times raised the alarm over the effects of the practice. The harmful practice is connected with vital organ failure and skin cancer, and authorities in Nigeria have warned against skin bleaching products. Then some “wannabe Kardashian” thought – oh Nigeria is a good market – how dare she?! Not every African wants to be a fake “yellow bone”.
In an Instagram post, Chyna encourages people to join her for the cream’s launch in Lagos. Many people took to Twitter to criticize the cream for being an abject rejection of their natural beauty, and they argue it posits a western notion of beauty as superior to all other forms of beauty. Some users came to Chyna’s defence by stating that skin bleaching creams were already in existence and that Blac Chyna is merely collaborating with Whitenicious, and is not the creator of the brand.

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