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The young daughter of a billionaire seduces the older captain while out sailing. She entices him to swim naked with her and he takes her and drives his cock into her pussy.
She sat on a large towel draped over the deck. Her toned, long legs stretched out in front of her, crossed at the ankles. She leaned back on her hands, chest thrust out and head laying back basking in the hot sun as the sailboat cut easily through the water. The air caught her lustrous brown hair which was bleached to a golden ombre by the sun.

“Fuck me,” Jack cussed at himself.

He stood behind the starboard helm of the 60-foot sailboat as it gently listed to port in the strong breeze driving them through the crystal blue water. Laying out on the deck of the boat was Kelly Turner, the 22-year-old daughter to the second richest man in the world. She was on her spring break. And rather than spend it with all her other rich friends, she wanted to spend it alone, away from everyone, including her family, out on her boat sailing around the Bahamas. Of course, she didn’t know how to sail herself, so Mr. Turner, her father, had ordered Jack to take her out.

“Keep her safe,” was the last thing Mr. Turner said as they pushed away from the pier.

Jack knew that not only meant don’t let her drown, her physical safety, but also implied, “Don’t fucking touch her or I’ll kill you.” He saw it in Mr. Turner’s eyes and heard it in his voice. Mr. Turner hired Jack several years ago to Captain his small fleet of yachts which included his daughter’s sailboat. Over those years he saw Kelly and took her and her friends out on the boat a few times. On each of those trips, she made it a point to flaunt herself — not just to her friends, but purposefully in front of Jack. Purposefully, moving past him, pressing her taut body against his as she made her way around him in the tight cabin of the boat. Purposefully, draping her arms around him and on his shoulders, her body melting over his as she stood next to him while he helmed the boat.

On one overnight sailing trip, he woke early in the morning with his cock painfully engorged, more rigid than the mast, after he dreamt of her. He masturbated thinking of her and came into a t-shirt waded up in his fist. He hoped she didn’t hear him as he rubbed one out, with grunts and his guttural whispers of her name as he came.

But he had his doubts as he slowly calmed his breathing and heard muffled, vigorous wet sounds and deep panting coming from her cabin.

That was their last sailing trip of the summer before she left for her senior year of college.

Now she was back and it was just the two of them sailing several miles from any prying eyes, or photographers, and thousands of miles from her father who flew back to the mainland.

Kelly brought her head up and twisted around to look back at Jack.

“I want to swim. Find a place we can anchor and jump in,” she yelled back at him.

Jack nodded as he brought the boat around and started to head toward the leeward side of a small island.

As the wind started to slacken, Jack eased the boat to within 100 yards of a white sand beach.

Kelly stood and made her way along the gunwale towards the stern.

Jack took a deep breath as he admired her lithe body easily walking along the edge, legs confidently and gracefully taking each step as the boat gently rolled and settled in the calm.

She stepped down into the cockpit and headed towards the companionway leading down into the cabin. She stopped at the top of the steps, left hand resting on the lip of the deck above the steps, her ass cocked to one side with her right arm draped along her side and subtly flared hip. Looking over her right shoulder at Jack she said, “I’ll be back up. Get us anchored and be ready.”

Jack’s cock swelled within his shorts as he watched her slip into the shadowed cabin.

“Be ready for what? To fuck you?” He wishfully said to himself, knowing it would never happen. She was a tease. And even if she offered herself…Well, at 49 years old, Jack thought to himself, he couldn’t afford to lose this job let alone think about what Mr. Turner would do to him.

After several minutes, Jack had all the sails taken in, lines cleaned up, and the anchor set. He stood at the stern and pressed a button to lower the deck horizontally, flush with the surface of the water, making it easier for bathers to get into and out of the water.

He had taken a sip from a bottle of water when he heard her behind him.

“You don’t look ready.”

He turned and choked on the water in his mouth and coughed it out over the side. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand as he looked at her, taking her in with wide eyes.

She was naked.

Her pert, slender body rose out of the dark cabin, step by step up the companionway. Her small, perky breasts, high on her chest and tipped with dark chocolate nipples, led her out of the dark cabin and into the bright sun. The expanse of her slender, tanned body, a rich burnt butter in color, highlighted with small triangles of a light mocha over her breasts and smooth pussy, shimmered with light oil.

His breath caught in his chest as his heart rapidly beat in his ears.

A body of subtle curves and angles slowly prowled toward him. Her legs crossed slightly, stepping toe to heel, as her hips seductively undulated with each step. Her dark eyes, catching the light like polished, freshly oiled mahogany, locked on his despite his sunglasses.

His feet felt locked in place as she strode up to him on her way to the stern deck.

Twisting as she came beside him, she pressed her breasts against his barreled torso; her hand grazed his thigh and gripped his thick cock which was rapidly becoming engorged under his shorts.

“Come swim with me,” she breathed huskily as she looked up at him before stepping down onto the deck where the water lapped at her feet.

She stepped to the end of the deck. Her toes curled over the edge. She stood there for a moment before grasping her hands in front of her and raising them above her head in a seductive stretch.

Jack’s eyes took in the graceful sinuation of her back. The dimples above her tight ass dipped and raised as she leaned slightly left and then right.

Her arms came back down to her sides and she looked over her shoulder.


Her knees flexed slightly and she dove into the water.

He found himself standing at the edge of the stern, just above the swimming deck, watching her slender form dive down and then arc back to the surface.

She broke through the surface in a glistening shimmer of water and twisted around to face him. Drops of water sparkled on her cheeks and nose. Her long eyelashes were stuck together in sharp points, framing her dark eyes that burrowed hungrily into him.

Jack looked at her and admired her nude body beneath the water that rippled in the refracted light breaking the surface. The top of her wet breasts reflected the sun into his eyes as she treaded water. She said not a word, but her eyes pulled at something deep within him.

They stared into each other’s eyes for several seconds. Then she swung her left hand over her head and down as she dove under the water. Her ass rolled to the surface and then vanished as she swam away.

His cock strained against his shorts as it attempted to lead him to her.

“Fuck!” Jack grunted to himself with clenched fists as he watched her.

He quickly tore off his clothes and threw them into a pile. Naked, his cock jutted out from his body like a veined pale bowsprit.

“Fuck it! I’ve lived a good life. Let’s at least end it on a high note!” he said to himself just before he dove into the water.

Kelly stopped swimming, brought her head up, and looked back at the stern of the boat. Jack wasn’t there. She felt a swell of embarrassment overcome her as she thought she may have misread their flirting and overplayed her hand in trying to seduce him.

Then Jack burst through the water in front of her with a gasp. A wide excited smile went from ear to ear before she quickly hid it from him as he wiped the water from his eyes.

They treaded water in front of each other as she looked into his eyes and said in a dry voice, “What took you so long?”


Before he could finish she swam away on her back. Her eyes stared back at him as her breasts swayed from side to side, nipples breaking through the surface and then submerging before they were hidden behind the whitewash of feet kicking water into his face.

Jack ducked his head into the water and started swimming after her.

She stopped a short distance away and Jack again brought himself before her.

“Well, what?” she asked.

“I was going to say that…”

Suddenly her two hands shot out of the water and pressed down on his broad shoulders. He managed to suck in a quick breath before his head was forced under the surface. His eyes briefly took in the blurred image of her nude body below the water before he shut them.

Her hands came off his shoulders as he sank and Jack thrust himself back to the surface. He quickly wiped the water from his face and looked at her with stern eyes.

Kelly started wading away from him. Her face split into a wide grin.

“Got you!” she gloated, slapping the water at him.

“You little…” he snorted, making a leap for her with two quick, short paddles in the water.

Kelly squealed and twisted about in an attempt to flee, kicking behind her frantically. But she was too slow. Jack’s large hands came down on her shoulders and pressed down with all his weight. A short shriek escaped her lips before she vanished in a spray of water.

Then she was gone.

Jack wiped his eyes again to clear the water. He looked around the surface of the water for her and didn’t see her. Then tried to find her below the water, through the foam. The longer she stayed down, the more his concern grew and he was suddenly terrified that something happened to her.

Then, just as panic started to set in, there was a triumphant yell from behind him as she burst up and tried to press down on his shoulders.

Sucking in a deep breath, Jack let her drive him under as he reached up and grasped her wrists, pulling her down with him.

Jack pulled her arms over his shoulders as they sank. Her firm breasts pressed against his back as he pulled her wrists around him in a type of hug. Her taut body writhed against his back. Her legs kicked and brushed against his ass and sides attempting to kick her way back to the surface.

He heard her yelp under the water and let her wrists go. Diving deep, he turned under the water and looked up at where she was — a slender, graceful silhouette against the sparkling surface. Her legs beat from side to side, baring her pussy to him below, as she floated at the surface.

Jack gave her a few seconds before he reached up, grabbed her ankles, and pulled downward. His body was thrown towards the surface while hers shot back down.

His mouth broke the surface. He took in a deep breath and laughed to himself.

She quickly stopped her downward momentum and slowly swam back up behind him. As she came up and around him, her eyes took him in: his thick thighs beating back and forth; his thick, hard cock thrust out in front of him bobbing up and down as he treaded water; his taut but expansive barreled torso and chest that swelled with his breathing; broad back and powerful arms that easily moved back and forth.

As she slowly came up behind him, she reached her hands out to feel and run them up his body.

Jack gasped as her hands firmly roved over his pumping legs and drew to the back of his thighs. Her fingernails raked up and over his tight ass and lower back. He heard her break the surface of the water behind him and take in a deep breath. Her hands wrapped around his chest, gripped him, and pulled herself against him. Her round thighs rubbed up and down, pressed against him and away, as they massaged around his back while she treaded water.

The cool water around him grew hot as her enflamed body pressed against him. Her supple flesh melted into him.

“I want you. I want you to fuck me,” she breathed into his ear.

In one motion, like an octopus easily moving around a rock, she ducked under the water, under his right arm, and came up in front of him. Her lips were inches from his.

Jack took in one quick breath before he lost control.

He wrapped his right arm around her small frame and held her tight as his lips enveloped hers in a searing kiss. Her legs wrapped around him. His legs beat harder in the water trying to keep them up. His cock thrust up and down, his large head rubbing along her pussy and ass.

He then let them slowly sink.

His left hand gripped her ass. His thick fingers plying her cheeks apart while his middle finger pressed against her asshole.

He arched his hips upwards and his cock found the silky entrance. Pressing her ass down he thrust upward in one powerful stroke, tearing deep into her tight pussy.

A deep moan erupted from between their lips in a series of bubbles. Their kiss never broke as their tongues twisted together.

They slowly sank a bit more before they both broke free and kicked to the surface.

Their eyes locked onto each other as they broached and tried to regain their breathing.

She gestured with her head back towards the boat, “Come fuck me.”

To be continued…

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