Invitation to Slay billionaire Opulence and Luxury.

Slay billionaire invites you on a luxurious journey through the taste of the best dates in the world from Morocco & Middle East. Naturally grown , picked and handcrafted , let yourself be carried away by the perfume & unique refinement of this fruit.

Authentic & Luxurious
Subtly ornamented with dried fruit, candied fruit or nougat, sesame or coated with dark, milk or white chocolate,  Slay billionaire gourmet dates will awaken your taste with this sumptuous fruit.

Enchant your loved ones with Slay billionaires ultra luxurious handcrafted boxes and Moroccan artisanal style.

Featuring a mix of 48 chocolate and stuffed dates, presented in a wooden three drawer slay signature box.

Price: $815
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


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Delightfully Dates

Luxury is in the details

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