Having kids is one of the many life-changing experiences in a person’s life, and for many new parents, it triggers the video-taking, photo-snapping instinct in their body and lo and behold you are looking at pictures of bums, “accidents” and baby drool all over your Facebook wall. And then, you get these photographers who take awesome and creative photos of their kids that you actually wouldn’t mind to look at, over and over again.

Some of them are taken in a natural setting, others have props and scenery set up to create funny and endearing situations, but they are all very creative, inspiring and fun to look at. Here’s a look at the kind of photographs that parents should be taking more of.

It takes lots of talent to be able to capture photos like how Betty Elle Photography (based in Albuquerque Mexico) takes them. Her pictures seem to be magical retellings of a fairy tale. She usually takes picture of children with the most amazing props locking in the natural elegance (and innocence), which betrays itself the moment you lay eyes on the pictures.

Contact Email: bettyelleg@gmail.com

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So stunning

Beautiful one

What a fairy tale setting


Stunning shot



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