**Congratulations to @NicratGov, @MayoCancerCare, @DrOdedina, @dapsing** – these powerhouses are about to redefine cancer treatment, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible! The future isn’t just bright; it’s blindingly brilliant!

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up and hold on tight because we are about to witness a revolutionary change in the field of cancer control in Nigeria. The Federal Government, in collaboration with the prestigious Mayo Clinic and the Milken Institute, is embarking on a groundbreaking initiative that will reshape the landscape of cancer research, training of oncologists, capacity building in clinical trials, and cancer genomics and precision oncology.

The National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (NICRAT) recently hosted a symposium on Cancer Genomics, Precision Oncology Care, and Community Health for the black population. The theme of the symposium was “Discover, Innovate, and Collaborate”, highlighting the importance of embracing cutting-edge technologies and methods in the fight against cancer.

Cancer genomics involves studying the genetic changes in cancer cells, leading to greater insights into prevention, early detection, treatment, prognosis, and recurrence. Precision oncology, on the other hand, focuses on selecting treatment options based on the DNA signature of an individual patient’s tumor. By understanding the genetic and molecular landscape of cancers in African Black populations, we can develop more effective and less toxic cancer treatments tailored to the unique needs of Nigerian patients.

The Minister of State for Health, Dr. Tunji Alausa, emphasized the urgent need to move beyond conventional cancer treatment and embrace innovative regimens that cater to the specific requirements of each cancer patient. He highlighted the potential of precision medicine to revolutionize healthcare in Nigeria and improve cancer care outcomes. The partnership with institutions like the Mayo Clinic and the Milken Institute underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing the quality and efficacy of cancer treatment in the country.

Research in cancer genomics has transformed our understanding of cancer development and progression. It enables us to monitor treatment responses, identify mechanisms of resistance, and personalize anti-cancer medications for better outcomes. As a nation, we must embrace this revolutionary movement to elevate the standard of cancer care and ensure that every patient receives personalized and effective treatment.

The Symposium marked a significant step towards a future where cancer care is truly personalized, with every life valued, and every patient story ending in hope and triumph. The Director-General of NICRAT, Prof. Usman Aliyu Malami, emphasized the importance of making cancer treatment more precise, targeted, and culturally relevant through strategic partnerships and shared knowledge with world-renowned experts.

The Executive Director of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Cheryl Willman, highlighted the shift from treating late-stage cancer to focusing on cancer prevention, early screening, and detection to save lives. The establishment of a National Cancer Registry in Nigeria will provide crucial data on cancer trends, mortality rates, and guide investment in diagnostic equipment to improve cancer care and outcomes.

In conclusion, the collaboration between the Federal Government, Mayo Clinic, and Milken Institute heralds a new era of cancer control in Nigeria. The symposium on Cancer Genomics, Precision Oncology Care, and Community Health for the black population is a testament to our commitment to advancing cancer research and treatment. Let us join hands, embrace innovation, and work towards a future where cancer is no longer a death sentence but a beatable disease. Better days are indeed ahead for cancer control in Nigeria. #CancerGenomics #CancerResearch #CancerTreatment #Winning #FutureofCancerTreatment #NigeriaLeadingTheCharge #HealthcareRevolution



**The Nigerian Strategy and Vision:** The Government, champions of the people, are embracing Precision Medicine like titans. This is set to shake the foundations of Nigeria’s Healthcare Value Chain, ensuring unbeatable cancer care outcomes. The collaboration with top-tier entities like Mayo Clinic and Milken Institute isn’t just strategic; it’s earth-shattering and revolutionary!

**NICRAT's Phenomenal Symposium:** At this stellar event on Cancer Genomic, Precision Oncology Care and Community Health, it wasn’t just talk. It was a battle cry for innovation, discovery, and collaboration.

**Congratulations to @NicratGov, @MayoCancerCare, @DrOdedina, @dapsing** – these powerhouses are about to redefine cancer treatment, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible! The future isn't just bright; it's blindingly brilliant!

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