With the advances in vehicle wrap technology and creative graphics teams the possibilities of what can be done with a vehicle wrap remains endless. Every year new companies and teams continue to raise the bar in creativity which raises the question, “what is the best vehicle wrap?” Firstly, how do you judge what is the best wrap? There are many factors that go into the effectiveness of a wrap such as creativity, eye catching, and no limitations.

All of these top vehicle wraps have a creative design to bring to the table. We hope you found this article informative and shows what the future of vehicle wraps can become. Let these innovative designs spark your creativity to create your own top vehicle wrap.

By Exotic Vehicle Car Wrap

Blood Red BMW Wrap

Source: @misterjhuune

Camo Wrap lamborghini

BMW M3 GT2 Art Car

This very clean but hectic design on the BMW M3 is a great display of being eye catching. The design flows very well throughout the vehicle and even onto the spoiler making for a proper professional looking wrap.

FHM Mini Cooper

FHM’s Mini Cooper design is a great example of being unique and using the vehicle as a canvas. Without being overly raunchy, the hood and headlights convey the image perfectly.

Matte Black Godfather Design

As a fan of matte black and the legendary Godfather, this a greatly prepared design. The matte black pulls together the black and white Godfather character as well as the smoke.

Lotus Elise Tiger

The Lotus Elise Tiger is a beautiful concept of using the yellow and white two tone as well as the stripes to create the look and feel of a real tiger.

Lamborghini Aventador Prototype

Taking patterned designs to the next level, this Lamborghini Aventador shows how you can be exotic and unique at the same time.

Epson Bugatti

The Epson Bugatti wrap by Skinz Wraps at the previous 2012 SEMA is a stellar example of an advertisement, as well as a luxurious design that paint cannot replicate. In the wrap world this is an ongoing challenge to show customers what they are missing out on whilst painting their vehicle.

National Geographic Bus Wrap

Now over to the other side of the spectrum, this National Geographic Bus Wrap is truly unique and something to be admired. Perfectly designed, clean, and innovative style using the doors to open the mouth lands this bus at number 2.

Copenhagen Zoo Snake Bus

The infamous Copenhagen Zoo Bus remains still the talk of the wrap world when it comes to creativity. The snake’s 3D design gives off a great feel that it is strangling the bus. For great color transition, creativity, and 3D work at it’s finest, we award the ‘Copenhagen Zoo Snake Bus’ the number 1 best vehicle wrap design to date

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