Born of a collaboration between Laurent Picciotto and Bell & Ross, the BR01 Skull Patine 1120 slay billionaire is a limited edition of 50 pieces.

To give the BR 01 SKULL Patine 1120 its unique appearance, the case is made from micro-blasted bronze with an exclusive patina which accelerates natural ageing of the bronze, imparting a unique colour to each piece without altering the integrity or lifespan of the material. In perfect compliance with watchmaking quality standards, this alloy of copper (92%) and tin (8%) sports a very distinctive colour. Over time, the original rose or red gold tones of the bronze acquire a patina which gives it a unique, antique look.
While bronze has resolutely survived many millennia, Bell & Ross brings it into the modern age by combining it with grade 5 titanium, which gives the back of the case hypoallergenic properties and extreme lightness, making it very comfortable to wear.

The dial of the BR01 Skull Patine 1120 features a skull and crossbones-shaped bezel, and the screws are marked with verdigris skulls. An 18th-century pirate emblem, this universal symbol of death was used both to intimidate and to ward against bad luck. Its honeycomb relief dial features gilt hands with a black patina, reflecting other traditional military motifs: the sword and the dagger.

This model features some of the technical characteristics of the new BR01 Skull Bronze, including the BR-Cal.302 automatic movement, 46 mm bronze case, non-reflecting sapphire crystal and water-resistance to 100 metres.

About the other regular other limited skull bronze limited edition

The Bell and Ross Watch BR-01 Skull Bronze Limited Edition Watch is one of the latest edition to the Bell and Ross Watches Paris, France, Skull concept series of limited edition watches that the firm has sold, each of which to date has featured a unique steel and black case, dial and movement. With the new Bell and Ross Watches BR-01 Skull Bronze Limited Edition Watch, the Paris, France based supplier of world-renowned limited edition watches has decided to create something new, and which will undoubtedly become the favourite of many a collector of Bell and Ross limited edition watches wherever they may be. And talking of collectors and their favorite watches, the Bell and Ross Watches BR-01 Skull Bronze Limited Edition Watch, with its unique case, dial and movement is almost certain to become a favourite of collectors in Hong Kong, China, Australia and Iraq as well as the main European capitals including Paris, France, Geneva in Switzerland, London in the U.K. as well as to aficionados of Bell and Ross watches in Germany.

The Bell and Ross Watches BR-01 Skull Bronze Limited Edition Watch is genuinely a unique piece, even among the entire series of Bell and Ross watch skull series of limited edition pieces, which of course, also includes the Bell and Ross BR01 Burning Skull, Bell and Ross BR01 Laughing Skull and other even more limited editions including the Bell and Ross Skull BR01 Tourbillon, the Bell and Ross Tourbillon Airborne and Bell and Ross Titanium Diamond. Bell and Ross watch Paris certainly know how to create a limited edition watch that will become the favourite of a particular buyer or collector, and with the marriage of the Bell and Ross Watches BR-01 Skull Bronze concept with a tourbillon complication also available now, they are bound to have sold many more by the end of the year, and managed to have kept the U.S. Army Airborne Division inspired and the skull and crossbones of the Pirates’ Jolly Roger flying further into the future. Before going into further details of the Bell and Ross Watches BR-01 Skull Bronze itself, it is worth noting that back in 2015, for the occasion of the November sale in Geneva for the Monaco Association Against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and the Only Watch charitable auction, to which proceeds of the charity sale would be devoted, Bell and Ross watch contributed a quite amazing version of what was to become, later in the year, the Bell and Ross Watches BR-01 Skull Bronze limited edition when it was released, a unique piece that was in stark contrast to the distinctly Haute Horlogerie offerings from some other brands. Bell and Ross offered this unique special edition watch, true to all the elements of the skull case series of skull concept watches from Bell and Ross, epitomized in a whole string of models previously sold by the firm: the parachutists of the second war and the U.S. Army Airborne Division’s exploits in Normandy, as well as the Jolly Roger of the pirate, were celebrated as usual with the skull and crossbones form set against a square-shaped bronze case with verdigris effect blue-green patina set against a deep bronze backdrop. At the heart of the watch sits a honeycomb dial adorned with an incredible hand sculpted and engraved 18k gold skull, a real work of art, the dial itself criss-cross by four hands, all of which cut into the shape of pirate-like cutlass swords, the two smallest gold cutlass hands placed at 3 and 9 o’clock and indicating remaining torque and power reserve. Beneath the main hour, minute and second-hand indicators on the dial side face of the watch sits a large tourbillon, a beautiful complication to the BR-Cal.231 from BNB Concept. The bronze tourbillon cage is gracefully marked with the latter’s logo. As you would expect, a watch as unique as this was sure to be sold to the highest bidder, with all proceeds to the Duchenne muscular dystrophy charity.

To the delight of anyone to whom the special watch charity auction bronze tourbillon piece had become a favourite, shortly after Bell and Ross decided to create a new addition to the Bell and Ross Skull series of limited watches, and this was indeed the ‘productionized’ version of the Bell & Ross Skull Bronze Tourbillon Unique, the Bell and Ross Watch BR-01 Skull Bronze, which shares the same bronze case material of the charity auction watch but without the added complication of the bronze tourbillon. As a material for the case, it is perhaps a surprise that Bell and Ross watch did not choose to sell earlier versions of the Bell and Ross Skull series of watches with a case in this material, it being, the material of choice for the buttons of military equipment uniforms, bullets and shells, and highly reminiscent of pirates themselves and ships’ equipment too. The bronze case of the limited edition Bell and Ross Watch BR-01 Skull Bronze follows the usual square shape of other models in the Skull series, which as stated above now includes models as diverse as the Bell and Ross BR01 Burning Skull, Bell and Ross BR01 Laughing Skull and other even more limited editions including the Bell and Ross Tourbillon Airborne and Bell and Ross Titanium Diamond, so the watch displays the traditional skull and crossbones in raised 3D profile front the dial side front of the bronze case, the crossbones themselves formed for the four bezel screws to sit at their ends. The round dial face of the classic Bell and Ross design is substituted here for the Skull shaped skull head, with the luminous black painted ‘glow in the dark’ dial face in similar skull shape. The sword-shaped hours and minutes hands echo the cutlass shaped indicators on the Bell and Ross BR-01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon auction piece, and of course, reinforce the military and pirate theme. The excellent self-winding automatic movement housed within the bronze case offers a fantastic 42 hours of power reserve, and the look of the Bell and Ross BR-01 would of course not be complete without an aged and distressed brown calfskin leather watch strap with matching bronze or grey PVD coated steel buckle. The metallic composition of the bronze alloy used for the case of the Bell and Ross Watch Bell and Ross BR01 Skull Bronze is a quality compliant alloy of copper (92%) and tin (8%) which while initially, when the watch is sold, will feature tones of pink or perhaps red gold, will undoubtedly age to acquire its very own patina and suitably ancient look, and if the buyer is particularly lucky, perhaps even the blue-green imbued verdigris finish oh so typical of the pirates of yore and indeed, the Bell and Ross BR-01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon auction piece. The Bell and Ross BR-01 Skull Bronze is as stated, a limited edition model limited to a 500 piece production schedule, and when these are sold, there will be no more.

Movement: automatic mechanical. BR-CAL.302. Crystal: sapphire with anti-reflective coating.
Functions: hours and minutes. Water resistance: 100 m.
Case: 46 mm in diameter. Bronze patina CuSn8. Screw-down crown.
Strap: aged brown calfskin.
Dial: black. Verdigris skull. Gilt hands covered with a blackpatina with wiping effect. Gilt metal index underneath the crystal.
Buckle: pin. Grey PVD* coated titanium.

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Made from micro-blasted bronze with an exclusive patina

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