Do you own a physical or online luxury shop and would you like to sell Slay Network products?

Inclusivity is one of the greatest parts of Joining Slay Network.

Now you can join the worlds most exclusive fashion and lifestyle network and purchase items at 10-30% discount depending on your membership level. Create a life that will be the envy of your peers once you join the Slay Network.

It all starts with a few steps

Step 1
Sign up on Slaylebrity , the Slay Network social network.

Step 2
Sign up as a Slay Network member and pick a level either Bronze, Silver or Gold

Step 3
Choose your items

Log in to your slay account and pick from an incredible selection of items ranging from mere clothing, shoes to more exotic paraphernalia

Step 4

Receive your items and start selling from your store or as a drop shipper at whatever price you like but never below the Slay price. If you decide to drop ship your items will be sent directly to your purchaser at your request.

Step 5

Top up your account when your stock is getting low

Step 6:
Register for the Slay referral program and
Earn even more by introducing other retailers or shoppers to the club

Step 7:
Stay active on Slaylebrity by sharing content to grow your slay tribe. Once you hit 500,000 slay tribe followers youll be invited to the exclusive black membership club, which will grant you even more earning potential.

Step 8
Reinvest some of your profits at our investment club if you choose to

Member Retailers earn more than $3 million dollars per year

All countries eligible
All prices are in United States Dollars
Investment required: $12000 – $100,000 a year


Create a life that will be the envy of your peers once you join the Slay Network

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