We all have that friend. You know, the one who everyone else notices and who always looks perfectly put together. It’s no lie; some people just have that flair — the ability to spot trends and even start some of their own.

Believe it or not, there’s a trendsetter in you too — you just have to find it.
Staying aware of the latest styles is not an innate thing, rather something that anyone can develop. So whether you want to always look stylish or be ahead of the style curb, your chance is right here. Come right in.

Spot the trend

What exactly is a trendsetter anyway? He is the one who follows his personal style yet manages to pull off a look others find admirable. And even if others don’t approve of his taste, he still wears what he likes. Whether or not he follows the norm, he looks great and inspires others to dress just like him.

It might seem like only fashion designers or those in the industry have the ability to spot trends early on. The trick is not to focus on how you can actually set trends — simply start off by knowing how to identify trends and take them to a whole other level.

So are you ready to change the game?

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