The Baby Collection is a whimsical take on the animal kingdom’s youngest creatures. This fascinator features baby chicks picking at grains in a meadow.

With 25 billion chickens in the world, there are more of them than any other bird species! The baby chick’s life cycle starts when its mother hen lays an egg, where for about 21 days the hen sits on her eggs and covers them with her feathers to keep them warm. When it’s time for the chick to hatch, it pecks holes in the shell and comes out into the world. Baby chicks are known for growing very quickly, so before you know it they are having babies of their own! Atop this fascinator, you can find the baby chicks grazing in a meadow.

✦ The entire base of this fascinator is made of hand stretched wool felt.

✦ On top of the fascinator, is a custom-designed ecosystem to match the vibrant world of the animals who inhabit them.

✦ All of the animals are made from plastic cast, then embroidered with glass beads.

Price: $832.8
Includes complimentary worldwide VIP shipping

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