The Ashpine house is a custom designed retreat style home with a mixed retro/ethnic design, set on a suburban wooded hillside within walking distance of forested parks and a sandy-beach lake in Middlesex Fells Reservation within 20 minutes drive of downtown Boston.

It’s a place for adventurers to rejuvenate, create, and forge new memories. The goal in building this home was to create a space and experience to remember.

Designed to inspire, this home is filled with unique and beautiful “one of a kind” spaces. When you walk in and follow the rustic wood beams into the large open living space, everything you’ll see is built and chosen specifically to create a feeling of comfort and peace of mind. From the hidden gems of the large windows on the top floor, looking out into the treetops, to the 50s style appliances that will set you in a world from years past. As you step out of the house on an adventure, the near by forest paths in the Fells Reservation and quaint neighborhood surrounding is a great way to escape the city sirens and enjoy a piece of the quiet life, while still only being a few minutes from the night life of downtown Boston.

The Ashpine house is a 1950s colonial, set on a wooded hillside across the street from the Middlessex Fells Reservation. This spot is a 5 minute drive from the local shops and restaurants of Medford, and just across the street from a bus stop which allows public transportation access to Boston. This also means that some sound from the road can be heard. If you’re looking for a completely silent forest experience, we would not recommend.

The well lit and beautifully decorated 5 bedroom space is full of large windows that look out on a tree and stone landscape. It’s perfect for a group of friends, multiple couples, or an adult family. It’s also a lovely hideaway for a couple’s private weekend with lots of beautiful space in the open concept kitchen/dining/living area. (We recommend exploring the top floor rooms where you can look out into treetop canopy and feel isolated above the world) There are two bathrooms with unique custom vanities, one on each floor of the space. 3 bedrooms on the main floor with one king size and two queen size beds, and two rooms on the top floor with two full size beds in each room for a total of 7 beds in the 5 rooms to accommodate up to 14 people. There is also ample space to set out an air mattress or two for larger groups.

Guest access
While staying here, the top two floors of the house will be your private oasis. Feel free to explore and spread out. There is a full custom designed kitchen with retro style appliances for your use on the main floor. This includes a stove/oven, toaster, microwave, water-boiler, French-press and stovetop-espresso coffee makers, refrigerator, and water-filter. There is a small back patio with BBQ in a very secluded, and safe feeling tree-covered spot for hanging outside. Also a front porch area to enjoy the sunshine. The only space that you are not to visit is to go exploring the bottom floor of the house. That’s a private apartment (that will be unoccupied during your stay).

The front parking space is yours to use while you’re there. For additional free parking, you can park between the white lines on the side of the street. Watch out for the 4th Wednesday of the month. They tow cars parked on the street that day for street sweeping. Otherwise, there is usually lots of street parking available for groups with multiple vehicles.

Other things to note
The bottom floor of the house is a private apartment with its own entrance on the side of the house. The only thing that’s shared is the stairs outside leading to the front door and the front porch (similar to a multi-family house). The apartment will be unoccupied during your stay.

The front and back doors of the house have security cameras, so when you’re here, your stuff is safe and well guarded.

Unfortunately the fireplace inside is not functional and will probably be quite dangerous to attempt starting a fire in, so please don’t try that.

Please also make sure to check out the House Rules before booking.

Price: $429 /night