If you’ve ever wondered what ethnicity Ariana Grande belongs to or just wanted to learn more about everyone’s favorite non-problematic fave, you’re definitely not alone. She’s like, really tan, and that’s gotta mean something, right?
Ariana Grande presents as ethnically ambiguous — but in actuality she’s Italian-American, with Sicilian and Abruzzese roots. Or is she?

Because a bunch of people on Twitter are convinced that Ariana Grande is black and in complete denial, and they will not here a word to the contrary.

Many of these internet detectives felt compelled by Ariana’s pale-ass TIME Magazine cover look — and accused her of bleaching her skin to achieve her current tone.

Someone even… made this picture of Ariana as a black woman. And it obviously took a really long time, so I’m happy for them because it’s definitely picked up way more traction than you’d ever imagine.

You might be wondering if there’s any actual, non-doctored evidence to back up claims of Ariana’s blackness. The answer is that there is not, because even though she’s friends with Nicki Minaj and good at singing, she simply is not black. She’s Italian-American. There’s no real ambiguity involved here.

Is this whole “Ariana is black” thing an elaborate troll? Obviously yes. I didn’t do any interviews, but I feel VERY confident that nobody truly thinks Ariana Grande is black.

But Ariana Grande makes bops, speaks up about social justice and hits high notes that make God weep hot tears of ecstasy. Who wouldn’t want to claim her?

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Who wouldn't wan to claim her?

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