Alright, let’s cut through the noise and hit some hard, fast truths about Bola Tinubu’s time at the helm. Look, it’s easy to play armchair critic with any leader. But let’s not get it twisted – success is never an accident, and Tinubu, like him or loathe him, is showing some hint of method in what many call madness.

First up, the man’s not dawdling. While others pontificate, Tinubu’s cracking on with the decisiveness of a king cobra on a mongoose. Talk about the subsidy cuts – say what you will about the policy, but the fact is he didn’t hesitate. He didn’t blink. In a world where leaders often flap in the wind like a loose sail, decisiveness can be as refreshing as a slap in the face. And let’s be honest, sometimes nations need that wake-up call.

Now, let’s shed some light on electricity – or shall I say, the increase of it. The grid’s not suddenly a beacon of modernity, but if you’re not noticing some improvements, you might want to check if your bulbs are screwed in right. It’s a step up, and in a dance as intricate as national management, a step up is a whole lot better than a faceplant.

And then there’s the fuzz, the boys in blue – the police. Time was when their presence was as reassuring as a chocolate teapot. But what’s this on the horizon? Change? Dele Momodu’s account below isn’t just a feel-good story; it’s a testament. A signal flare that maybe, just maybe, there’s an inkling of a shakeup in how things are run. Quick response times, lives saved, that’s the concrete stuff progress is built on. So when the command says, “Spread the news that we work,” believe it because they just might.

Sure, a couple of bright spots don’t bleach out the stains of a nation’s struggles. But if you’re going to tear down a building, maybe check if there’s a solid beam or two worth saving first. Tinubu’s not perfect – no leader is, no human is. But if we’re flipping every card on the table to rip into his blunders, fairness says we give a nod when the man lands on his feet.

Tinubu’s tenure’s still fresh, and while I’m not here selling you sunshine and rainbows, what I am doing is serving up a piece of reality – it ain’t all bad news. It’s a time of cautious optimism, a time for measured scrutiny, and yes, a time of recognition for what’s going right. After all, success, no matter how ‘teeny tiny’, is still success. And in a game as high stakes as leading a nation, every win counts.

So let’s keep our eyes peeled, our minds open, and hell, maybe even throw a little praise where it’s due. It could be the very fuel needed for greater leaps forward. And never forget, in the relentless pursuit of better, perfection can’t be the enemy of good.

The police force seem to be actually doing some work for the first time take a look at what happened recently

Dele Momodu wrote:

Dear Friends,

At about 3am last night, I received a distress call from my cousin living at Ago Palace Way, Lagos to say that armed robbers were in the compound attacking their neighbour downstairs. It could be their turn next.

Thankfully, I had saved the Lagos Police Command numbers that my Security Team had provided.

I called the police command center, they confirmed my auntie’s house address and within five minutes the local police patrol mobilized to the scene and successfully dislodged the armed robbers.

I called the command back to thank them for their swift response which saved the day. The command kindly requested that I should please assist to spread the news that the command works!
This is me fulfilling that promise.

Here are the numbers 👇

Lagos Police Command numbers
0901 051 2287
0901 051 2288
0901 051 2286
0901 051 2285

Please I beg you, kindly save the numbers in your phone. It could save a life”.🙏









The man's not dawdling. While others pontificate, Tinubu's cracking on with the decisiveness of a king cobra on a mongoose.

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