Paul stood by June as they took a moment at the door. She took a long slow breath to steady her nerves. She’d wanted this, needed this, but even now she wasn’t sure she could handle it.
“You ok?” he asked, giving her hand a little squeeze.
“I… I’m nervous.”
He turned to her, cupped her cheek in his palm, and looked deep into her eyes.
“You can do this, I believe in you. The first time is always difficult, but it’s a journey worth taking. Then you’ll know what you wanted to know.”
“What if I can’t take it, what if it’s too much?” She felt a rock in her throat. Her face was almost burning. She thought she might cry.
“When you say we should leave, we leave. I’m right with you, no matter what.”
She kissed him, and the nerves began to settle. After a moment of straightening her blonde curls and her cocktail dress, June rang the doorbell. They waited together.
Trudy answered the door in a green satin dressing gown. Like every other time they’d met, June felt a hint of envy towards her gorgeous figure. She greeted them with a smile.
“June, Paul, at last,” she waved them through the door. “Everything is prepared. Right this way.”
She led them through her house, so much like their own, to the living room. June was always curious to see what other folks in their neighborhood did with their homes. Trudy had gone with something more minimalist compared with June and Paul’s cozy, tidy place.
Rising from the couch as they approached were Scott and Kyle. June’s breath caught as she saw them. They were so familiar, but in such an alien context. Suddenly the idea of this night had become undeniably real.
“Hi Junie,” Scott raised a glass, “Paul.”
“You’re a brave woman,” Kyle added.
“Here,” Trudy gestured to a loveseat. June and Paul sat together, “do you need anything? Can I bring you some water.”
“No… wait, yes,” June changed her mind, “water would be good. Please.”
She couldn’t quite shake the awkward feeling. Maybe that’s part of the journey, she thought, maybe this is what’s supposed to happen.
Trudy returned with her water. The cool touch of the glass was soothing. With a sip or two, she was coming down again. She could do this.
“Before we begin,” Trudy added, “I just want to ask. Why?”
June turned to Paul.
“I want to know — need to know,” she corrected, “how he feels. I need to know what it’s like on the other side.”
Paul gave her a sweet, loving smile.
“Ok,” Trudy cooly responded. Her robe fluttered to the ground in a puddle of satin as Scott and Kyle rose from their seats. The burgundy lingerie set she wore hugged her generous breasts and ample hips. June swallowed out of reflex as she watched the two men lay their huge hands on her body. Those hands had held her, bent her, pleased and probed her countless times. Now she had to watch them on another woman, on Trudy.
“I know you think I’m a bitch,” Trudy told her, “to steal and use your bulls.”
In her heels, Trudy was almost as tall as Scott, whom June always looked up to. She could feel his broad chest as it crushed Trudy’s breasts.
“But they like a bad bitch,” Trudy turned her head back to Kyle, “don’t you?”
“Fuck, yeah,” Kyle agreed. He gripped her hips to grind her ass against his crotch.
The words stung. June’s heart ached, but the sight was exciting, alluring. She noticed she was clutching the hem of her dress, so she willed herself to let go.
“They like me more,” Trudy continued, “because I’m a bigger slut than you, because they can push me more, and I can take more.”
Scott pulled his cock out as Kyle sunk his hand into Trudy’s panties. June tasted the memory of the last blowjob she’d given Scott as Trudy wrapped her hand around him. Kyle leaned in to kiss Trudy’s shoulder as he undid her bra, and June felt the softness of his beard on her skin. She was dizzy, the pain and the thrill swirling around her. Did Paul feel like this, she wondered, does it always hurt so good?
Trudy flowed gracefully to her knees as her bra tumbled to the ground. With a cock in each hand, she alternated sucking one while stroking the other. When she gagged on one, she’d switch to the other. The air filled with wet suckling sounds, punctuated by her muffled coughs and the low moans of her men.
Of course, they weren’t really hers. They did as they pleased, whom they pleased. June had to admit that despite her attachment to Scott and Kyle, their connection was not exclusive.

Before long, Trudy’s chest was strung with her own spit. It was Kyle who pulled her down to the carpet and tugged away her panties. He was always more aggressive than he looked. She panted heavily from her mouth’s exertions while he lay her on her side. He made sure June could see the moment he pushed his cock into her eager pussy.
Her heart was pounding in her chest as she watched Kyle hold Trudy’s foot to his shoulder, keeping her legs spread and the view clear. Scott knelt by her face and wrapped his hand around her throat. Her moans tightened to a squeal as his thick girth pumped into her body.
“Fuck,” June whispered. The moment came into focus, and her pain and thrill faded to the background. Whatever animosity she had for Trudy before, all she wanted in that moment was her pleasure. She found herself on the edge of her seat, longing for her release.
Trudy reached up, sweat beads trickling from her brow, and reached for Scott’s cock. He brought it to her lips again, so she started to work him desperately.
“Please, please,” June moaned from her seat, “please make her come.” Part of her wanted to touch herself, to have a facsimile of Trudy’s lusty bliss, but she knew she couldn’t, not yet.
Kyle lay down on the floor as Scott lifted Trudy. He made her straddle Kyle, who guided her hips down on him. With surprising ease, she began to glide his cock into her ass.

“They love my ass,” she spoke, “my mouth, my cunt, even better than yours, June.”
Her voice cracked and strained as Scott lined up in front of her.
“Yeah,” she panted, “DP the best slut you have.”
Her words faded to mumbled jabbering and incoherent moans. She was losing control and embracing cascading chaos. June stared on, mesmerized. Her throat was dry and her hands clutched her dress again, but she could think of nothing else. Trudy was glorious and beautiful, and beholding her could not be denied.
Her body wracked and lurched between the men. She hollered blue murder — she was coming, and hard. Her face stretched in ecstasy as her mind was overwhelmed. Scott gripped her hips tight as Kyle squeezed her breasts. Her fingers dug into Scott’s arm, then went limp. Neither man let up.
Two, three, maybe four orgasms unfolded in her as June witnessed Trudy’s indulgence. Scott was the first to break.
“Fuck, I’m close,” he moaned.
“Do it,” she hissed, “give me your cum.”
“Oh shit,” Kyle groaned, “me too.”
“Yes,” Trudy cried, “please, yes.”

The mass of bodies pulsed, throbbed, crumbled. Trudy’s moans bent towards weeping relief. Scott pulled free and pulsed a rope of hot cream onto her belly. Kyle tensed and flexed, then relaxed in weary resignation.
Trudy rolled off his cock onto all fours and regained herself. She crawled, leaking cum down her legs, to the loveseat. Kneeling before Paul, she calmly unzipped his pants and pulled out his stiff, if smaller dick.
“You see, June,” she said, looking only at Paul, “all your men want me.”
June felt that she must be in a dream. Her mind must have somehow left her body. She was frozen, transfixed, as Trudy leaned in and sucked her husband’s cock. It was gentle, quiet, and somehow deeply kind. Paul looked to June and she saw the swirling, sweeping emotions on his face as Trudy pleased him.
He ran his hands though her raven hair as she sucked, whimpering as he got closer to the edge.
“Mmmffuuh,” he mumbled, tensing in his seat, so close to hers. His eyes clenched shut and he moaned softly. In his lap Trudy faltered and gulped. June watched her mouth slow and slurp on her husband’s cock.
It was surreal, scintillating, and sublime. June was deeply aware of her entire body. She felt crushed and elated. She didn’t understand the mixture, but she knew it felt good.

“So,” Trudy asked, wiping Paul’s cum from her lips, “was it everything you hoped for?”
“Yes,” June breathed. Her heart began to slow.
“Good,” Trudy grinned a wicked smile, “should we do this again?”
“Yes,” she didn’t have to think. She looked at Paul, a small sad smile lifting his lips. “Yes, we should.”


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








The first time is always difficult, but it's a journey worth taking.

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