Commerson’s dolphins are a small and very distinctive species with mostly black on the head, fin and flipper regions and mostly white in the other areas of the body. Young Commerson’s are usually brown or black and gray for the first four to five months. The dorsal fin is small and rounded at the tip and the beak is small or unnoticeable.
In this species, females are typically larger than males.
These are one of the smallest dolphins reaching lengths of up to 1.2-1.7 m (3.9-5.6 ft). Newborn calves are approximately 55-65 cm (21.7-25.6 in) in length.

Fun facts :

Commerson’s dolphins typically eat 3.5-6 kg (8-13 lbs) of food per day. This is proportionally a much greater amount than either killer whales or bottlenose dolphins ingest each day, and is due to Commerson’s having a metabolic rate that is two to three times higher than many other whale or dolphin species.