Concierge Price: €4,400,400


* Enlarged glass cockpit
* Cargo swing
* Dual controls
* Passenger interphone
The aircraft is operating, the condition and component times may be subject to changes depending upon such operations.
Verification of the condition of the aircraft and its component times shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Optional equipment

* RH side electric and de-iced external mirror
* Dual controls
* Pilot windshield wiper
* Cargo swing (1400kr – 3,080 lb)
* Conventional fuel tank
* Enlarged cockpit floor window
* LH landing light (Swivelling in elevation and azimuth)
* Emergency floatation gear – Fixed parts


* Black and grey


* Black

* Avionics master switch
* Gyro-horizon
* Gyro-directional
* Course deviation indicator
* Turn and back indicator
* Altitude encoder
* Transponder (mode S)
* Emergency Locator Transmitter
* ICS + passenger interphone

Year: 2017
Location: Sweden
TTAF: 950
Serial no: 8370
Condition: used


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