Slay Lifestyle concierge can wholeheartedly admit that coming to terms with your Chanel obsession is hard.

However, the Chanel appreciation runs much deeper than that since Chanel produces a variety of amazing bags. Chanel is a go-to brand for many and considered a lucrative investment in the handbag arena. Seeing your favorite Slaylebrities carrying fabulous Chanel bags and these knockout drool worthy packed with Chanel closets below has helped us come to the consensus: You can never have enough Chanel.

So without further Ado, here’s to more Chanel in the near future.

By the way if you are an authentic addict you can join the most active Chanel Facebook group where you can buy and sell authentic Chanel here

Chanel Reetzy


Boxes and boxes of pure Chanel

Chanel, it's all about Chanel

Quality viewing

Why, hey there Chanel

Not so understated Chanel, nevertheless Chanel!

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