This plan is foolproof I.e tried and tested. All that is required is hardwork.

Do you know bloggers’ three biggest challenges?
If you guessed, how to increase blog traffic, how to make money blogging, and how to find enough time to promote, you guessed correctly.
You can solve all three by following just one blogging tip: promote your post at
Consider this a follow-up to my post This is What You Need to Know to Get More Traffic from Content Syndication Sites.
Since writing the article, I discovered another content syndication site, Niume.
Content Syndication sites offer you a valuable opportunity to get exposure to new audiences without writing a single additional word.
This post will explain how you can use to get paid for promoting an article you’ve already written.
Get paid, get traffic, and not have to write another word?
It’s true! Niume actually pays you to syndicate your blog posts at their site.
Apparently, they believe in sharing their revenue with their users.
Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t.
This tutorial will explain how you can use Niume to get more exposure, spend less time to promote your blog, and get paid money.
What is Content Syndication?
Content syndication is the process of pushing your blog, site, or video content out to another site, either as a full article, snippet, link, or thumbnail. You syndicate your content in order to get new traffic to older articles. You get exposure to new audiences without writing new posts.
What is Niume?
According to StartupStory, “Niume is an interest-based social network that is born out of the need for a quality driven social network in which users are motivated to share high-quality content and to pursue their passions.”
Niume not only allows content syndication, the site administrators encourage syndication by paying you per view to promote your articles at their site. The site administrators also pay you to refer others to use the site. Niume is a social media site as well.
Users are motivated to stay active and refer others due to the money they can accrue. Users get paid for both page views and referrals. There is even an aura of competition to see who can get the most hype (votes).
Niume is gaining in popularity so quickly that the Writer’s Accountability Facebook Group has a special thread devoted to Niume to ensure their members connect there.
Since the site helps you find like-minded bloggers, the admins have coined the phrase “Collaborative Blogging” to describe their site.
Since the site was founded at the end of 2014, it is barely two years old. In that time, 35,000 content creators have signed up and more register daily.
The site was started by a trio of London graduate students from Cambridge University and has vast financial backing.
Niume’s Mission Statement:
We are a platform that gives people the chance to collaborate and share their work to connect with a huge and passionate audience of readers. In order to do so, join your favorite spheres of interest (and create your first post.)
How to Use Niume to Promote Your Blog Post
1. Go to
2. Choose “Your interests”. These become your “Spheres”. They are like Google+ Communities.
3. Click “Get me Started”.
4. Click “Create a Post”.
5. There is a bar across the top. Click the niche of the post you’d like to share.
6. Initially, Niume will show you where to paste your article and where to add a photo or graphic.
7. I recommend adding a photo or graphic. They are eye-catching and other people have them.
8. You will be asked to agree with Niume’s guidelines.
9. After submission, you can share your article on your social media.
10. I shared on StumbleUpon since StumbleUpon discourages sharing your own articles. I was able to promote my writing, but since my link was coming from Niume, I shouldn’t be penalized by suffering a decrease in traffic from StumbleUpon.
11. Click “Leaderboard”. Articles from people who have written about your interests will appear. You will have the opportunity to “Subscribe” to them in order to get their posts in your Niume feed.
12. Click the round icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You will be able to edit your personal information like your blog URL, Facebook page, and Twitter handle.
Within an hour, I had received six hype for my post. This means six people liked it. Hype is like upvoting or clicking the like button. When I scrolled through my news feed, my article was there. Getting visibility at the site is easy!
Niume is an effective form of blog promotion.
Why You Should Use Niume
• Niume has categories called Spheres for bloggers of every niche.
• You can use Niume to search for articles. In order to filter what comes into your feed, tag the posts that you see at the bottom of the screen.
• Getting visibility, essential for blog growth, is easy.
• You could be the Numier of the Week. That’s the name for Niume’s featured blogger. Niume Emails its users information about the featured blogger which would increase your visibility if you are chosen.
• You might make new connections and find like-minded bloggers. The spheres of interest enable you to find people who share your interests as well as their articles on topics that interest you.
• People who use the site meet in a special Facebook group which also encourages expanding your connections.
• The site administrators are available if you have questions.
• The folks over at Niume tweet all articles left there. This enables you to increase your blog’s visibility on Twitter as well as Niume.
• You may want to have the option of writing somewhere besides your blog.
• There are three ways to make money at Niume. First, you make money if people sign up through you! If people sign up to use Niume, you make $1.00 each time the people you referred make their first post. If you decide to sign up to use Niume, I hope you’ll use my referral link:
• You will also get paid when you make your first post if you signed up through someone. As soon as you make your first post, you and the person who referred you each make $1.00.
• You also make money when people view your articles. According to Tracey Jade Boyer, you get paid per view! All you have to do is connect your PayPal account to Niume, so the administrators can deposit the money in your account. They’ll start paying you when you’ve accrued $10.00 or over. Here is the link to connect Niume to your PayPal account. Payments are carried out within 15 days after the end of each calendar month.

How to See How Much Money You’ve Accrued
As indicated, you will be paid once your earnings reach $10.00, so it’s important to know how close you’re getting to a payout.
You can give an article thumb up, thumb down, or bookmark it. Giving a thumb up, voting approval of the article, is called hype.
You can upvote or downvote comments as well. Because of the comments, Niume is both a content syndication site and a social media site.

Bloggers have expressed concerns about search engine rankings falling if they syndicate their content.
Google came out with penalties that hurt your SEO rankings for duplicate content. As my previous content syndication articles explain, Google is not concerned with you duplicating your content.
However, there is a downside to content duplication. First, rather than have both at their search engine, Google may pick only one, and it may not be your blog post.
If you are still concerned about content duplication, when you syndicate your content, change the headline.
Are you convinced?
If you are interested in signing up, as explained, everyone who refers someone is paid $1.00. The person referred gets paid when they create their first post as well.
Have you ever heard the expression, You don’t need to reinvent the wheel?
Bloggers, you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel.
That’s the beauty of content syndication sites. They allow you to syndicate content you have already written.
The best part is you don’t need to cash out you will be paid automatically once you reach the threshold ($10)
By Mostly
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