There is no better way to connect with nature than by going on an outdoor adventure. Whether you’re going with your family, friends, or by yourself, you will find yourself appreciating the fresh air and our planet all over again. Camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting are all fun activities that allow you to clear your mind away from the city traffic. However, when going on an outdoor adventure, you should always be prepared for any emergency to avoid cutting your trip short. There are some essentials that should be in your backpack regardless of the type of activity you’re doing. Here are the 6 most important items that you need to pack on your next adventure.

1. Lighters
When doing an outdoor activity, you should always bring extra lighters with you. Even if you’re willing to camp and make fire the old fashion way, it won’t harm to have a spare option. If it rains while you’re camping or you accidentally fall in the water, the regular lighter will not help you and you will not be able to make fire with wet wood. That’s when waterproof matches and an extra lighter with you or any of your friends will come in handy.

2. First-aid Kit
There’s no such thing as a completely safe adventure. No matter how careful you are, there’s always a risk of injury or infection. That’s why having a first-aid kit is the most important item you should carry. If you get wounded or scratched while hiking, you’ll be able to treat it right away instead of going back.

3. Extra Clothes
Even if you’re sure that it’s not going to get cold at night, it’s always preferable to pack extra clothes for your outdoor adventure. High-quality camping and hiking clothes from specialized outdoor shops can provide you with the level of protection you’d need. There are plenty of options for reasonable prices out there; you can save money at Bass Pro Shops by collecting coupon codes that will eventually lead to a huge discount. That way, you will be prepared with an extra change of clothes to keep you warm and dry if it suddenly rains.

4. Navigation
Nowadays, all phones come with an accurate GPS that will help you in case you get lost. However, what if your phone battery dies? Or the signal is lost?. A map and a compass are the most reliable tool while you’re out there in the woods. In addition, it will allow you to live a real adventure.

5. Nutrition
Even if you’re planning on hunting or fishing, you should always have extra food with you. Outdoor adventures require a lot of energy, and the effort may cause your sugar and blood pressure levels to drop. To avoid that, always have some energy bars with you. Energy bars have the right amount of nutrition that will boost your energy to continue your adventure and don’t take space in your bed.

6. Knife
Knives are a must-have on every adventure and not just hiking. They are handy when preparing food, repairing other tools, and first aid. Every adult on the trip must have their own knife. For more purposes, you can get a multitool that has a knife, screwdriver, and a can opener.

Going on an outdoor adventure is a fun activity, but when an unexpected event occurs it can ruin the whole trip. That’s why it’s important to have the mentioned items in your backpack. These tools will help you have a safe and hassle-free trip as you’ll be prepared for almost all emergencies.

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