Presenting this specially designed art creation just perfect for making your stairways a conversation piece.
Each stairway consists of a set of removable adhesive vinyl panels that are super easy to install, extremely durable, and removable without damage to your stairway if you change your mind or want to try another one of our designs 🙂
HOW TO ORDER (Important!)
For the product to work properly, you must order both the correct width of panel for your stairway, and the correct number of stairs. SO:
First, count the number of stair risers on your stairway. This is the Package Quantity that you need to order;
Next, measure across the width of your stairs, where the panel would go, and pick the next largest width.
For example, if your stairs are 36″ wide, pick the 37″ size. If your stairs are 41″ wide, pick 43″.
The stair panels are 7″ high. Most standard US stairways have a riser height of 6-1/2″ to 7″.
If your risers are higher than 7″ (the flat part, where the panel would go, not including the tread that hangs over the edge from the next step above), then don’t order this item
➡ Panels are printed with a special process that produces a vibrant, durable image, highly resistant to wear and fading. Panels can be removed and replaced without damage to the panel or the stairway
➡only premium quality self-adhesive vinyl is used
➡ Super easy to install! Adhesive-backed panels are designed to fit your stairway, and can easily be trimmed to fit precisely.
➡Waterproof and thus suitable for indoor and outdoor.
➡They stick well on any smooth clean surface over old tile, ceramic, glass or even metal.
➡Product must be ordered in the correct quantity and width.
➡100% opaque and cover up.
➡The decals can be easily trimmed/cut to fit.

* Handmade item
* Height: 7 Inches
* Width: 46 Inches
* Materials: vinyl, decal, sticker, PVC
* Made to order


To install, you will cut the panel to the correct width for your stairway, peel off the adhesive backing, apply it to the stair riser starting from the bottom.
NOTE: Panels must be placed on clean, dry stairways that do not have peeling paint. If your stairway paint is peeling, remove all loose paint before applying this product.

SHIPPING policies

This item will be sent to you within 7-30 bussines days after payment confirmation.

We will let you know when your package is on the way.

Dimensions :
7″X 31.5″/18 x 80 cm inches –
7″X 34″/18 x 86cm inches-
7″X 37″/18 x 94cm inches-
7″X 40″/18 x 102 cm inches-
7″X 43″/18 x 109 cm inches
7″X 46″/18 x 117 cm inches

Price: $296
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

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