We shit you not!

We’re not sure how to feel…

Picture this: you own your own home, and when your guests enter they’re not greeted with a display of avocados on the counter of your pristine kitchen. Instead, they’re stunned by the blinding shine of 24-karat gold chicken wings.

Celebrity food tycoon and friend of the Kardashians, Jonathan Cheban aka “The Foodgod”, has revealed his new status-flaunting invention – the golden chicken wing.

It’s created by frying chicken in edible 24-karat gold and costs $US3.00 per wing. You can purchase them in batches of 10, 20, or 50 for the price of $US1000. They’re exclusive to the New York restaurant chain Ainsworth and are touted as the most expensive chicken wings in the world.

Well, that’s one way to impress on Instagram…

would you try this?

By the way this is coming soon at Rush hour by slay network

source: New Idea Food


Source: @theainsworth


Source: @foodgod

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