This aircraft is being brokered by Flight Source International, Inc.  Flight Source International, Inc. has not conducted a pre-purchase inspection of this aircraft to verify mechanical condition, airworthiness or accuracy of specifications.  Prospective purchasers are encouraged to conduct their own independent pre-purchase inspection as Flight Source International, Inc. makes no representations as to the airworthiness of the aircraft or the accuracy of the above information.  Specifications Subject To Verification Upon Inspection.  Aircraft is Subject To Prior Sale.


7,235 Hrs


Type: CFM56-7B27E-B3
Engine    SN Left: 874967
Engine    Hours Left: 874959
Engine    SN Right: 7,235
Engine    Hours Right: 7,235

* Year: 1999

* Location: China

* Crew: 0

* TTAF: 0

* Capacity: 0

* Plane type: Heavy Jet

* Serial number: 29866

* Contact concierge at or Skype slaynetwork to get it.

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