2,032 Hours ONLY

New interior in 2015

Always Hangared

Excellent maintenance and Ownership history

Cargo Door

Dee Howard TR4000

Raisbeck ZR Lite Modification

And more…




Complete new interior redone in late 2015. Eight passenger executive configuration with an  aft three-place divan and seats in a light beige leather. Amenities include refreshment ceter cabinet, heated liquid container, and flushing belted lav.




Painted in a white with a blue and green layers on top of four thinner layers (one in grey and three in black). Original paint in excellent condition.




Dual King VC 401B Coms 

Dual King 67A/Mode S Transponder 

Dual King VN 411B Navs 

King DF 431B ADF

Dual King DM 441B DME 

Dual KDC 481T Airdata Computers 

Universal UNS 1C FMS/GPS 

King KRA Radio Altimeter

KRA 405 Encoder 

MK VII w/Windshear EGPWS 

KFC 3100 FDR & Autopilot 

King EFS 50 5 Tube EFIS 

King RDR 2000 Color Radar 

Universal 30A CVR 

Artex 406 ELT




Cargo Door 


Raisbeck Aft Baggage Locker 

Single Point Fueling

Dee Howard TR4000 Thrust Reversers 


EROS Oxygen Masks and Goggles 

AirCell Phone System with 2 Lines, and 3 Hand Sets 

Raisbeck ZR Lite Modification 

A/C Inverter with 6 Cabin Outlets




Phase A c/w 12/2015 next due 12/2016  /  300-hr due at 2,321 Hours

Phase B c/w 12/2014 next due 12/2016  /  600-hr due at 2,526 Hours

Phase C c/w 12/2015 next due 12/2018  /  1200-hr due at 3,126 Hours

Phase D c/w 12/2013 next due 12/2021  /  2400-hr due at 4,326 Hours

12-year inspection c/w 01/2011 next due 01/2023

Landing gear overhaul due at 6,000 cycles


* Year: 1998

* Location: Brazil

* Crew: 0

* TTAF: 2000

* Capacity: 0

* Plane type: Light Jet

* Serial number: 148

* Reg. number: PT-XPP

Concierge Price: $2,200,000
Contact concierge at sales@slaynetwork.co.uk or Skype slaynetwork to get it.

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