Guide Price: $19,000

Car Details
* Year: 1972
* Location: Morgantown, United States
* Mileage: 82873 mi (133371 km)
* Gearbox: Manual
* Fuel type: Petrol
* Color: Custom
* Car type: Coupe
* Engine: Unknown
* Interior color: Grey
* VIN: 1102669227
* Condition: Used
* Internal Reference: 3435_3345

Car Description
1972 Volkswagen Beetle

Bela Barenyi, an 18 year old Hungarian student, submitted a chassis design for a “Volkswagen” in 1925 and is recognized as designing the basic VW Beetle. Ferdinand Porsche, an Austrian automotive engineer, created the Volkswagen Beetle after receiving a contract from Hitler in 1934 for prototypes. The Beetle’s air-cooled flat 4 engine was designed by Franz Reimspeiss not Ferdinand Porsche. Even with 20 plus million being built to date, he received less than twenty dollars for his work.

I’m happy to announce we have bugs here in our former mall halls at Classic Auto Mall. Oh certainly not the kind that you would swat at, but these were made in Wolfsburg, Germany by the millions and infested the USA over the years. This classic 1972 version is in nice condition with some recent work to keep things in order, including a rebuilt engine with a recent tune up. A rust free California car to which I could dare to take this car to our famous test lake, and go for a floating dip, just like the ads did (although we would have no way of getting you back).


Beauteous blue covers all the curved panels and bumpers, and presents nicely with some minute inclusions and light scratches seen here and there. Body panels all fit nicely, and even as late as 1972 VW beetles were still utilizing the exterior non-integrated fender attached by running board design literally from the 1920’s. Chrome bumpers are nice as is badging along with all the rubber seals between panels and lighting and bodywork. Glass and surrounding trim is good and since this is a pre-elephant footprint taillight car the taillights are in proportion to the car. A hardtop version and adding a bot of sportiness are polished billet style wheels with a central black hub covering.


Door panels are in black and like new framed in body matching blue and have a nifty lower storage pouch. Floating above black carpeting in nice condition are light gray vinyl high back buckets with molded woven pattern inserts and smooth gray bolsters. A rear bench is seen, and all seats are excellent showing very little wear. A small curved dash fronts all this beautiful vinyl and has a round gauge speedo, a Sapphire radio all framed by the textured black vinyl dash front. The original steering wheel fronts the column and has a snappy chrome horn ring with the Wolfsburg logo in the center. Out of the sea of black carpet rises the straight gearshift lever topped with a Wolfsburg castle knob.


The 1600cc flat 4-cylinder engine has undergone a recent carburetor rebuild, and valve adjustment. For that carburetor, we show it’s a 1-barrel factory carb. There is a 4-speed manual transmission attached, and just below this rear engine is a 3.67 gear rear axle.


Not much to see under here as the Germans love to cover all aspects of a car, and this underside is no exception. Call it ground effects if you will, but structurally sound with no invasive rust. Independent transverse torsion bar front suspension, and independent semi trailing arm suspension is on back. Drum brakes all around can be seen. Also, the shiny mini exhaust tips go rearward and poke out from under the rear bumper.


A quick startup and I’m met with that “tinny” exhaust sound that can only be heard on an older VW. The car ran smoothly, shifted effortlessly, and handled corners very nicely. All was in good working order for my drive.

Nicely cared for, with some recent upgrades and rebuilds, she runs smoothly, and is certainly a bug that will catch your eyes. Go ahead, take a swat!

Guide Price: $19,000

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Nicely cared for, with some recent upgrades and rebuilds, she runs smoothly, and is certainly a bug that will catch your eyes

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