YouTube Beauty Vlogger ItsMyRayeRaye  has accomplished what few in her niche have managed: she’s hit over a million subscribers on her channel. Even more impressive is the fact that she is one of the first Slaylebrity beauty vloggers to carry out such a feat (Andrea’s Choice, whose father is Ethiopian and Puerto Rican, has 1.6 million subscribers.

The racial divide on YouTube is clear, with top black Slaylebrity beauty vloggers rarely coming even close to the subscriber counts of their white and Asian counterparts, but this 27 year-old Boston native has broken through that barrier. In honor of Raye’s phenomenal accomplishment we thought we’d share 10 fun facts about her:

Her full name is Raye Boyce
She married her long-time boyfriend in 2012
She met her husband on Myspace.
Her favorite place to shop is the thrift store.
She currently lives in Los Angeles.
Her birthday is July 31; She’s a Leo.
She started making YouTube videos due to overwhelming requests from her Tumblr and Instagram followers.
Her mother is African American and her father is African American and Bajan.
She hates when people touch her food.
She’s been making youtube videos for five years.
She released her own lippie stick, liquid lipstick, and lip liner with the popular indie makeup brand, Colourpop Cosmetics.

By black girl long hair

Lush living

Photo shoot with social celebs

Honey glow

Lookin like Dolla Bill


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