We nominate Hush Puppi as the most callous Slaylebrity of all time.

Imagine stealing from up to two million people and flaunting that very stolen wealth so callously on social media!

Indeed in one post he’s sitting in a private jet decked out in Cringe worthy LV and spewing out the most insane social media caption you can imagine… word for word we kid you not “ if you knew My story you’d be proud of me”

What a deranged F”ck! Excuse our French!!! To all those who he victimised we apologise for humanity.

That being said we still want to know exactly how he managed to pull off this $450 million heist… what banks held his funds?… what embassies granted him visas and on what source of funds basis?

~~ Excerpts of phone conversations between Hushpuppi and a Chicago based Co-conspirator, as contained in a 26-page sworn affidavit, presented by the FBI to a Federal Judge in America, to prove probable cause in order to obtain a search and arrest warrant against Hushy in Dubai.

“Bro, wire is completed, 500,000 Euro should be on your side now…..We still have access and they haven’t realised….we gonna shoot them again tomorrow am…”

Warrant was granted and now, the rest is history.

(For the full sworn affidavit DOWNLOAD HERE)

Hush Puppi affidavit

According to the FBI documents, Hushpuppi appeared on their radar by sheer chance!

They had never heard of him, or his opulent lifestyle.

Until that fateful day in December 2019, just six months ago, when a man was arrested in faraway Chicago for some fraudulent offences.

Whilst doing a forensic check on his phone, different names appeared, including one with the contact name “Hush”

The UAE Number +971543777711 was linked to a Snapchat and also an Instagram account under the name “Billionaire Gucci Master” and “Hushpuppi”

FBI agent was stunned when he opened the Instagram page of Hushpuppi and saw the filth of opulence on display.

He went back to the original seized phone, opened it up and dug in further, forensically.

Wire transfers of hundreds of millions of £££s.

Apparently, Hush and his American accomplice had successfully hacked into the backend of an American Bank’s server and were just dishing out money as if it was the bank itself that was paying out money to designated accounts.

Only that this time, the designated accounts belonged to Hushpuppi in faraway countries like Romania, Turkey, Greece, England and even in his home turf, Dubai.

Analysis showed that Hush & Co were about to hit an unnamed English Premiership Club for the princely sum of $126 million.

We don’t think Arsenal have that kind of money!

Worthy of note is that the FBI have noted Hush was also involved in some serious money laundering, which they are still investigating.

We understand some heavyweight politicians in Nigeria are peeing in their pants, some quickly trying to disown Hushy Bobo wíth phrases like “The people you are seen with, doesn’t tell who you really are”

The FBI have promised to dish him 20 years maximum for the one crime of defrauding an American Law firm of around $1million.

But obviously, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

As more charges are proffered it is certain Hush Puppi’s life is in ruins however it is highly likely he might be offered deals to sing like a Canary bird, for reduced sentences.

If Hushpuppi does sing, he has a good friend in a singing ex-Senator, who can do background choruses along with him.



source Mazi Abe Media

“If you knew my story you’d be proud of me.... yikes!!!...

The Callousness....the cringe worthiness of this Slaylebrity! Netflix management where you at?

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