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Gold star

Gold Star Slaylebrity is an elite billionaire’s club designed to meet the needs of the one percent of wealthy individuals seeking companionship, fame and access to the most luxurious items money can buy. Members will be granted the ultra-elite status of Gold Star Slaylebrity which comes with a patented Slaylebrity Solid Gold 24 Karat Master Card. This gives the holder 60,000 Slay dollar credits a year equivalent to ($60,000) to shop at the world’s most luxurious high end store, plus a Gold Star Slaylebrity account to share your content on the world’s most prestigious social network.

About the Card

Gold has been highly sought after since before the beginning of recorded history. It is one of the least reactive elements and therefore often found in nugget form. Virtually all discovered gold is considered to have been deposited by meteorites that contained the element.

Simply melting and forming gold is easy – any goldsmith can do it. But melting and forming gold to produce a card product is a different story, and took us six years of development. It is not just the right measurements and thickness of the card body that are important. Hardening, calcination at the right temperature and protecting its vulnerable skin with an insulating layer are even more crucial, and are what makes this Slaylebrity Gold Card what it is, a peerless gem.

Anyone can join other social platforms but at Slaylebrity once you see a Gold Star Status you know immediately that this member is not just Talk but the real deal!

VIP Event Access

Slay Network offers VIP access to Gold Slaylebrity Members, as well as significant discounts and cash referral fees to gold members.

Luxury Brands/Companies can also join the Gold Star membership. This allows you to market your products with the Gold Star badge giving you additional authenticity

What is the price to join the most exclusive social club in the world?

Membership fee is $60,000 a year

This is an ultra-exclusive club for the ultra-Elite. It goes without saying; Entry into this club is strictly for those who meet our stringent criteria. Your personalized card will be exquisitely packaged and delivered to your home address.